amy_efaw (amy_efaw) wrote,

Rain, rain, [Don't] go away . . .

 I love rain.  I love when the Colorado sun hides behind the gray clouds.  Everything looks greener when it rains.

Okay, but I HATE the mud that comes with the rain.  My horde of kids (and dog) drag it in, and then there's more work dumped on me.  Blah!

But I LOVE running in the rain, as I did today.

Went for a 7-8 mile run from my house through downtown Denver around lunchtime (I wanted to see people today for some reason) to City Park and back.  Sunny skies when I started, and the longer I ran, the more ominous the clouds looked -- puffy cottony grayish blackish clouds.  And then the drizzle began when I as about a mile from home.  Awesome!

Soccer practices were cancelled -- the grass is so delicate here in the mile-high desert that the parks and recs around here feel like they need to protect it; it may never grow back.

So, that gave me a chance to make a huge pot of chilli in my pretty blue "le Creuset" dutch oven and a batch of southern (perfectly sweetened -- not too much and not too little) cornbread, and rice.  (No dropping by Chipotle or throwing together tuna melts or Campbell's tomato soup w/ grilled cheese sandwiches -- or worst of the worst, cold cereal -- for us tonight.)

And I downloaded some rain-appropriate songs from iTunes.

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