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 So, today I accomplished almost nothing.   I did work out at the Y -- weights for nearly an hour and then swam a little over an hour.  Then did some errands (like grocery shop since my refrigerator had next to nothing within it, and my kids were complaining this morning that they had no snacks to take in their lunch and no bread with which to make their sandwiches and only half a gallon of milk remaining, which would not be enough for breakfast tomorrow.  I also had to go to Home Depot and get that clip thing that holds the removable shower head in place because it broke over the weekend.  Our first floor shower (that's off the kitchen -- very weird, I know, but we live in a 1890 Victorian that was remodeled a bunch of times, and that's where one of the "full" bathrooms is currently) is inoperable because the tile is falling off the shower wall.  Yep, some Einstein decided to put tile directly on dry wall in our shower, not that special board stuff they were supposed to use, so if we don't want our entire house to fall down due to mold and mildew and water damage, we have to quit using that shower.  Our top floor shower (in Ari and Kat's bedroom) is torn apart right now because the contractor who put that shower in 2 years ago did something wrong, and THAT tile and grout is all messed up and cracked and the shower door won't shut.  So, two showers out of three inoperable at the moment.  And then the shower clip thing broke on Sunday morning, so everyone had to take a bath over the weekend -- NOT CONVENIENT!  Oh, and we have a hot water issue most of the time, so some of us had to take cold baths.

Oh, how I love the money pit that we call our humble abode.  This house is so ramshackle, it's embarrassing.

Anyway, the contractor didn't come back today to finish up that third floor shower (he is letting the floor boards dry out; they have been in the process of "drying out" for like nearly a week now.  In Colorado, it doesn't take long for things to "dry out" since it's basically a desert.  Can you say, "Contractor Slacker?").

Other than working out, I nailed down some stuff for my little WA state book tour I'm doing in June.  I hope to add more "gigs" to my schedule.  Thus, very good that I've procrastinated getting my tickets.  I can't wait to see the Seattle area again!

Picked up my kids from school, got one of Andrew's soccer teammates so that I could take him down to the fields for practice, too.  And basically just wasted 105 minutes soccer-mommying around, socializing with whoever was hanging around watching practice.  None of my soccer mom friends brought their "walking shoes," so we couldn't do a couple of quick laps around the lake that's beside the soccer fields, so I couldn't make good use of my time.  And I blew off reading the book that I'm trying to determine whether or not I will blurb (I leaning towards no, even though the author is a pretty well-known author).

Got home around 7:15 and tossed some dinner together.  This place about 1/2 mile from my house is a combo barber shop/walk up take out place that makes the most amazing gumbo.  It is a weird place, kinda sketchy looking, but you've gotta try this yummy stuff!  Anyway, that gumbo was dinner (over brown rice which I made, thank you), salad, and I made some spaghetti squash w/ butter and salt and pepper.  Oh, and grilled out salmon patties I got at Whole Foods.  Well, I know it was a kinda lame dinner, but it was better than eating out tonight . . . 

Such a glamorous and exciting life I lead, huh?

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