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Wow -- what an exhausting week

 So, Monday I talked to my agent about my latest book idea.  She's giving me the thumbs up and told me to try to get something to my editor at Viking before [my editor] leaves for maternity leave.  That means, before May 1st.  Okay . . . . Yeah . . . 

Tues, I talked to my editor about ideas for my latest book.  We had a good conversation, and I'm feeling excited about the direction I'm thinking that I'm going to take it.  I really need to get writing, but after Tues, things just sorta fell apart w/ my home life.  Like a sweater unraveling.

This week is high school girls soccer tryouts.  Need I say more?  I have a daughter who's a junior and another who's a freshman.  I thought that the junior was the shoe-in, and the freshman was the one who'd have to work her butt off to get noticed.

Well, as things sometimes go, I was wrong.

The junior had two conflicting, but mandatory, events during soccer tryout week:  mock trial regional tournament AND state qualifying debate tournament.  Despite the fact that she participated in the week-long pre-tryout camp (10 hours) last week, her coach told her that he's enforcing the tryout week with her.  Despite the fact that she played varsity starting keeper at another high school for both her freshman and sophomore years, and the team she came from beat her current team she's going to come to 4 to 0 the last time they met.  Despite the fact that snow fell over the wknd and made playing on the school's turf field impossible (it was covered).  The coach wanted my daughter to bail on her other commitments (team commitments) so that she could be present during the tryout week.  Even though, looking back on the week, the coach was only able to observe players for 2 out of the 5 available days, and my daughter was present for one of those 2 days.

Have I ever mentioned that I can't stand rigid, inflexible people?  UGH!  Oh, and this particular coach has a closed door policy when it comes to parents.

Well, I opened his door with both guns blazing.  Needless to say, a stressful and exhausting week.

Part of the tryout requirement was to be able to juggle the ball with only the feet 50 times without dropping the ball.  My freshman daughter juggled it 480 times, blowing away her closest competition (which only juggled 139).  So, right there, she cemented her place on the team.

Andy is out of town until mid-next month, doing a trial.  SO . . . I've been lone rangering it.

Today I found out that my junior (the goalkeeper discussed above) needs surgery on her non-ossifying fibroma because it also has cysts on it.  She is in a lot of pain, and has been, for about 3 months.  She thought they were shinsplints, but they were not.  So, next week, I will be scheduling that -- scraping out of the fibrous tissue and cysts and doing a bone graft.  Sounds awful, but the doc said the recovery is 4-6 weeks.

I didn't exercise much at all this week.  I am taking a little time off of running, but that doesn't mean I do NOTHING at all.  I didn't clean house, either, or write.  Or cook much.  I think all I did was fret.  I didn't sleep much, and I didn't eat much.

Well, this was a boring post.  I guess I'm tired and not in the mood to write.  I know that comes as an absolutely shocking surprise.

This upcoming wknd is going to be insane.

Okay, I literally can not keep my eyes open.  The computer screen is blurring.  This is a hint to stop typing, save this entry, and log off.  Then shut down my computer.

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