amy_efaw (amy_efaw) wrote,

Well, it's been a month . . .

 WOW.  Can't believe almost a month has gone by.

Andy is out of town for a month (gone for a trial), so I'm going back to my night owl ways.  Case in point, it's 11:11 PM right now!

Let's see, what's new?  Well, yesterday I got the page proofs for the re-release of BATTLE DRESS -- to hit bookshelves fall 2010 (don't have a pub date yet).  I need to read through them and make any changes.  There shouldn't be many, but gotta do it nevertheless.  I love the cover (topic of my last blog entry, so I won't rehash my sentiments).

Yesterday, I also talked to my agent about my new book idea -- she's supportive of it, and today, I talked to my editor about the same thing!  So, now I'm very motivated and inspired to get cranking.  Not telling the idea yet because ya never know -- it may never come to be.  Plus, it's top secret!

High school soccer tryout week for Ari and Anastasia, so lots of angst and drama.

The cold and snow is getting annoying at this point.  I want warmth and green (or as green as Colorado -- the Mile HIgh Dessert -- can get).  I mean, today during tryouts, the girls spent the entire time shoveling snow off their turf field.

I'm pretty much wrapping up things with this year's crop of West Point candidates.  Such great kids.  I wish they would all get in, but I know that's not going to happen . . . The number one kid I'm concerned with getting in at this point is my own Alix!

Been on a diet -- South Beach inspired -- for about 2 and a half weeks.  I'm being a good mom and supportive for one of my kids, who is on the diet.  But . . . I'm not feeling too happy about it.  No sugar, NO MOCHAs anymore (I'm stuck w/ sucking down nonfat lattes with Splenda -- yuck), no carbs.  Not fun.  The first 2 days were utter torture.  I'm feeling a little worn out w/out some of this strict diet stuff, but I think it's more because I'm not really eating all that much.  I'm just lazy and don't want to go through all the chopping up of vegetable ordeal that's really required for this kind of diet.  Haven't really lost much weight, either, so all the misery isn't really paying off!

I've had this spot on my lip (upper lip) that got chapped and split and just won't heal!  And it hurts and is driving me crazy!  It looks like a herpes lesion!

I'm taking a couple of weeks off of running.  I've had this plaguing hamstring/butt muscle injury that I was to rest.  So, the combination of no running and starving has not been a fun experience.  I'm surprised I haven't killed somebody yet!

Okay, well, sadly, this is all I can think of to write.  Pathetic.  My life is so unexciting.

Maybe I'm just tired.  And in desperate need for dark chocolate!

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