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News Catch-up

 Okay, so I have a link to the Border's "Original Voices" Award (children's/teen category) 2009:

Also, last week I learned that at the annual Mid-Winter ALA (American Library Association) Conference, AFTER was selected for the 2010 Best Books for Young Adults list AND their 2010 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers list.

My editor emailed me a couple of days later and said only eight books had made both lists, so that's pretty exciting.

AND, I got a concept cover for the paperback reissue of BATTLE DRESS, and I LOVE the cover idea!  So so so much better than Harper's TWO covers they came up with.  Even my agent agreed that Viking has really done right by me.  If I can figure out how, I may paste it here.

What else since my last post?  Not much.  Have been dabbling in research for the next book, but haven't done a whole lot.  My goal was to get writing by Feb 1st, but as per my normal modus operandi, I won't be making that self-imposed deadline.  But hopefully it won't be too long before I start.  One reason for my delay is all the time/stress I've been devoting to the stupid house loan that just won't go through!  Thanks much, Freddie Mac and friends, we get to suffer the fall-out when we actually have the bucks to afford a loan.  The bank ordered the wrong appraisal, our house appraised WAY low, the comps were absolutely wrong, the appraiser was an utter moron and made glaring mistakes (like the neighborhood we live in, like the house was classified as suburban rather than urban, that we have a fireplace when we don't, the square footage calculation was way off, etc. etc.).  So, that has consumed my time.  And I've been interviewing USMA candidates and writing up evals -- that always comes rolling in about this time each year, a result of both my procrastination AND my candidates'.  A couple of my fav candidates this year got offers, so I'm super happy.  Not sure yet about my most fav candidate this year, Alix.  Still keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, etc. crossed and will broadcast the (hopefully) good news once I learn it.

I think I'm still recovering from some virus; I'm cold all the time and have no motivation to pound the pavement or really exercise much.  This is not helping me get hot on track toward my new year's resolutions!

Well, pathetically, looks like I've run out of things to write!  So . . . til next time!

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