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Zoomies rule and other stuff

 Today was the Army v. Air Force game down at Air Force, and for the first time since we've lived in CO, we attended it.  We took the kids.  And Army lost (no big surprise), but it was fun.

Also this week, Andy and I went to a fund-raiser for Home Front Cares, a nonprofit that helps soldiers' families while the soldiers are deployed.  Gen. Petraeus was the key note speaker, and Andy and I got our pic taken w/ him (on my Facebook page).  He was awesome!

I also learned this week that I sold the Complex Chinese (Taiwanese) foreign rights for AFTER.  So cool!  I can't tell you how exciting it is to know that AFTER will be read in other languages!

Got the BATTLE DRESS changes in . . . finally!

Missed my allergy shots this week (just had too much stuff going on and didn't get to it) -- my doc will be disappointed!

I also got a Facebook msg from a reader who is a librarian but also a science person.  She really liked the book, but informed me that I had made an inaccurate statement within the book about bleeding during pregnancy, and she's absolutely right.  It happened while I was in the revision stage and cutting.  I trimmed down a particular scene, and in trimming, messed things up a little.  It's only like part of a sentence, but it totally bugs me!  So, I'm going to make sure it's corrected for the paperback version and hopefully for the foreign versions.

Other than that, just a normal hectic week.  Soccer is pretty much wrapping up -- at least the outdoor soccer stuff.  Now to indoor training and basket ball and Ari starting high school swim team.  Life is going to get crazy busy, but in a different sort of way.  But if I'm really lucky, I just might get part of a night off from shuttling kids!

Okay, now to clean the house.  Gotta get a little headstart on the week.

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