February 25th, 2010

Amy at Union Station

The school project girl, Ali

 I know this is really weird, but I feel bad that a girl named Ali wanted some info about me for a school project.  I replied to her livejournal msg, but it got kicked back because she has a setting on her email so people can't email her.  A safety thing, probably.

SO . . . I hope she checks back here.  If so, this is my reply to her email!


Thanks for reading my blog and contacting me!  I have to run and pick my kids up from school right now, but why don't you first go to my web site (www.amyefaw.com) and see if some of your questions can be answered there.  I have a bunch of info about my military school life and writing life and etc.  And then once you do that, email me at amy.efaw@gmail.com with more specific questions that you want to know.  Sound good?  Well, thanks for your interest in AFTER, and I'm excited you're doing a project on me and my book!


I know this was weird, but I just felt bad for Ali.  Didn't want her to think I was blowing her off!