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Chocolate Chip cookies

 So, Ari (middle child) made cookies w/ her friend today after school.  The rain kept coming all last night and most of the day today (Okay, the rain was cool yesterday, but I'm done with it now, thanks!), so practices again were cancelled.  So, her friend came home, and they made cookies.

And . . . I think I ate 10 of them!  Seriously.

And I didn't even run today.

What else?  Well, I had to meet one of my kids' teachers (second child) at 7:15 AM to help mediate an issue between them.  I know most teachers are hardworkers and care about their student, etc., etc., but . . . anyway, I was nice-ish to her (I hope).  And we didn't get anywhere, of course.  I probably should've just stayed in bed.  Then kid number 2 (Anastasia) convinced me to let her skip journalism class ("We have nothing going on right now, and everyone skips it!"), and we had some quality daughter/mom time at this good breakfast place nearby the school -- they have just about the best pancakes around (and that's quite a feat to pull good pancakes off!) and omelets.  Then I took her back to school and headed off to National Jewish to get my weekly allergy shots.  Then I got home and cleaned house.  Then picked up my kids from school, stopping off at the King Soopers to pick up some food on the way back.  And THEN I ate those aforementioned10 cookies while watching the 2010 BBC production of Emma on DVD I recently ordered from Amazon -- so cute!

I've been reading some books -- a lot of books -- lately.  You know, it's amazing how many mediocre writers there are out there who get published!  And then you pick up a book off your pile that's been collecting dust with the others under your bed, like Matt de Pena's BALL DON'T LIE, and the words just pop on the page.  And you think, "Yes!  That's what good writing looks like!" 

Matt (I think I mentioned him a couple of posts back) was at the Teen Literature conference where I was a panelist a couple of weeks ago.  I had the good fortune of having dinner w/ him afterwards.  He's very understated, doesn't think too highly of himself (good trait!).  I had decided I was going to get his book and see what I thought.  I know he was one of the keynote speakers and all, teaches a creative writing class at NYU (how did he get that gig?!), but . . . that doesn't always mean anything.  Well, haven't finished his book yet, but from the very first paragraph, I just KNEW he has the chops.  He can drop those words on the page and make you want to keep turning those pages.

Okay, now I get to burn some calories cleaning up the kitchen that Ari left trashed this afternoon.  

And I will pack up the rest of the cookies and lock them in a Rubbermaid container far, far away from me.

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